One rainy day I didn’t have to much to do so i decided to convert my side markers on the 986 to sequential LED indicators.

I have provided a link to some video footage that shows the steps to make them.

Arduino Sketch


Parts you will need. Addressable RGB LED strip. Attiny85 12v to 5v converter Good plastic glue and silicon to close it up Black matt paint. I used water based paint.

To program ATtiny I used an Arduino MEGA however any Arduino will work or a avr usb programmer.

NOTES: 1. removing the side lights, check google there are tons of videos 2. cracking the indicator case. I used a small flat head screwdriver b between the lens and backing and tapped it using my palm until the case cracked, then I slowly followed it around.

Video Link

video notes on modifying porsche 986 side indicators